Casa Caeiro


Caeiro is a women’s fashion brand inspired by the movement of nature and free women. This essence starts from the constant experimentation of silhouettes, dimension and colors to connect with the roots of femininity. We seek balance in design, expressing power and beauty in a contemporary and elegant way, but without losing the connection with our origin. Pieces made by hands by local artisans are incorporated, using natural and sustainable fibers. Details such as embroidery are increasingly integrated into our collections, making them really special and unique. We represent the woman of today, modern, sophisticated and in constant movement to celebrate her freedom and strength. Since its creation in 2018, Caeiro stands out for its exclusivity and versatility to dress the most important moments of everyday life with ready-to-wear collections. We celebrate the most memorable ones with unique custom-made pieces.

Caeiro women are several faces that represent our versatility in each collection. We are those women connected with our most daring side, but also sophisticated until we achieve the perfect balance between the contemporary and the natural. We are a wardrobe of surprises, each piece is an opportunity to be creative and generate many outfits, from the most comfortable and casual to the most chic and elegant. Caeiro invites you to look in the mirror and be your best version, feel luxurious, ready to experiment and travel the world.

Our Atelier

Casa Caeiro is a cozy, timeless space, where new stories are designed every day under the name of many women. Our showroom is located in the heart of Miraflores in Lima, the capital of Peru.

Our team is led by our founder and fashion designer María Gracia Tejada, who is constantly immersed in creative moments that connect deeply with her roots through colors, textures, designs, clean silhouettes and a unique contemporary style that has become Ceiro’s seal. Each piece is drawn by her, perhaps many times until reaching the best version as the essence of Caeiro women.

As a team, we take great care in the design and development of each piece. Therefore, each collection has iconic, exclusive pieces with few reproductions. We use natural fibers such as pima cotton, linen, sheep and more. We like to experiment and that the whole process is rich for the whole team.

The link with the Caeiro women is very close, María Gracia personally attends to the clients who look for us for custom-made pieces. Which we develop in a personalized way, creating a story that will be celebrated at a cocktail, a party, a marriage. They are eternal, timeless, contemporary pieces, they are Caeiro.


You can also leave us a message for anything you want. You have doubts, questions, want to place a custom order, etc. We will answer you as soon as possible.